Unlocking TikTok For Massive Growth

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TikTok has taken the world by storm in recent years. Now, many different businesses are rushing to leverage it as a marketing tool.

For those who aren’t quite sure about the utility that it offers, we’ve put together a quick guide that has everything you need to know.

Let’s dive in!

Collaborate With Other Brands

One of the most efficient ways to leverage this platform as a marketing tool is to collaborate with other brands. This could involve making a joint effort to create content together, having your product featured in one of their videos, etc.

This is most effective when you collaborate with a brand that has a significantly larger following than yours does. In many cases, this will exponentially increase the exposure of your business and could catapult you to success overnight.

For example, let’s assume that your brand has 10,000 followers on its account. If you are able to have your product featured in content that was created by an influencer with 4 million followers, there’s a strong chance that the results you experience will be substantial.

As you might guess, eCommerce brands can benefit the most notably from this strategy. In some cases, a viewer who discovers a brand through an influencer or larger company may quickly become a customer.

User-Generated Content

For those who are unaware, user-generated content is any content that is created by the audience of a particular company. You can use this content in two primary ways:

  • You can feature this content on your own platform to showcase how much your audience enjoys your brand
  • You can increase your exposure by leveraging the audiences of the individuals who post content related to your brand

More often than not, this type of scenario involves a sort of social media ‘challenge.’

For example, a clothing brand might challenge its audience to be as creative as possible while wearing a pair of their signature shoes. The brand might then offer a reward for the highest performing videos on TikTok, such as free merchandise, a shout-out on the brand’s official page, etc.

Product or Service Demonstrations

As you might guess, customers may sometimes avoid purchasing a product or service simply because they aren’t quite sure how it works. Additionally, not everybody has the time to research on their own.

Creating content on this platform that quickly showcases the capabilities of the product or service that you offer your customers can prove to be a powerful way to increase sales.

Although TikTok videos are generally less than a minute long, this is still plenty of time for you to illustrate the most enticing attributes of your brand. This also gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience on a more human level.

To elaborate, you don’t need to treat this type of content creation as an infomercial. You can speak directly to your audience and show them practical ways in which your brand can help them in their everyday lives.

Paid Advertisements

As with any other online platform, paid advertisements are always an option. Native advertising can be effective in many circumstances, and they will play in between user videos when someone browses their TikTok feed.

However, it’s possible to simply skip past them. This means that you run the risk of getting a lower ROI than expected based on behavior that you can’t control.

Brands also have the opportunity to sponsor a particular hashtag when selling online. This will provide them with a custom banner on the Discover page and allow millions of users to see their advertisement.

When users click on the ad, they are taken to a video created by your brand that provides details about your product or service. More often than not, though, using a branded hashtag will involve implementing some sort of challenge.

This is commonly seen with makeup brands, as these products are accessible and offer plenty of ways to be creative with their use.

Finally, companies are able to take advantage of branded lenses. These are filters related to your brand that are automatically added to the Top 10 trending list when this type of ad space is purchased.

These filters are also available in both 2D and 3D.

Stay Consistent

Ironically, many brands tend to overlook the fact that you need to remain consistent when creating content on your TikTok account. The more you post, the more likely the algorithm of the platform is to recommend your videos to your audience.

Of course, there is always the chance that after posting a single video you experience a large influx in views. This outcome is not typical, though, and you shouldn’t expect your brand’s online presence to take off simply because you created a single piece of great content.

Instead, you should develop a schedule that you can consistently adhere to in terms of content creation. Posting content on a regular basis over an extended period of time is far more effective than posting a large amount of content during irregular intervals.

TikTok Can Be a Highly Useful Marketing Tool

Taking advantage of it can allow you to hit metrics like never before. So, keep this information about TikTok in mind so that you can make the decision that is best for your business.

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