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What Are Buyer Intent Keywords?

Buyer intent keywords are search terms that indicate a user’s readiness to make a purchase. These terms indicate a higher likelihood that the searcher is preparing to make a transaction—as opposed to merely seeking information.

And these keywords are valuable to marketers because they signal a user is further along in the buying cycle. And closer to a purchase.

Buyer intent keywords can be classified as:

  • Low intent (also called commercial intent)
  • High intent (also called transactional intent)

Low-Intent Keywords

Low-intent (or commercial intent) keywords are search terms used by folks in the middle of their buying journeys.

Those people are usually considering making a purchase and are looking for options. Or evaluating products or services.

These often include words like “review,” “best,” or “top.”

Despite not indicating an immediate purchase, low-intent keywords play a vital role in the buying journey.


Because they’re essential for attracting potential customers in the consideration stages of the buying process.

High-Intent Keywords

High-intent (or transactional intent) keywords are search terms potential customers use when they’re strongly inclined to make a purchase.

These keywords tend to be specific and direct—making them valuable if you’re looking to convert searches into sales.

Especially for pay-per-click (PPC) search ads—advertisements served to users based on what they search for and some additional targeting.


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