Super Bowl LVI: Coinbase’s Commercial Steals The Show

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It’s no surprise that this year’s Super Bowl drew the largest TV audience in recent times. In fact, last night’s battle between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams brought in an estimated 117 million viewers, a new all-time record beating out the 2015 Super Bowl matchup between the Patriots and Seahawks which saw an average of 114 million. But enough talk about football, let’s get to the breakdown of what most of America tuned into watch: the commercials.

It’s impossible for you to log onto any social media platform or online blog without seeing some reference to the most talked about commercial from last night. Coinbase without a doubt left the audience talking when they aired a 60-second commercial of a color-changing QR code bouncing around the screen.

That spot alone cost upwards of $14 million dollars, and to only have a QR code present on screen takes guts. It seems to have paid off, as hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of users were talking about the ad on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, you name it. 

In fact, the advertisement was so popular that it actually crashed the app.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, Coinbase’s landing page for this ad received 20 million users within ONE minute of the ad airing.

In case you missed the ad, check it out below.

Let’s talk about some key takeaways of this ad.

The Targeting:

They’re essentially saying “we’re only promoting/selling to people who understand what a QR code is” which immediately narrows down their target audience. For a Crypto trading platform, this is genius. This instantly targets the younger demographic who have been more inclined to invest in Crypto lately, and sends a signal to the older generation that things are changing, this new wave is here to stay.

The Call-To-Action:

The CTA is subtle to the naked eye, yet extremely specific to users who understand what a QR code is used for. They’re essentially saying “if you’re tech-savvy and know what this is, scan it and find out”. If you scanned the QR code during the commercial, you were met with the following screen:

The Offer:

The offer itself is pretty remarkable. They’re giving away $15 in Bitcoin for anyone signing up for a new Coinbase account, or offering you the chance to opt-in to a contest to receive $3 Million in Cryptocurrency if you are an existing customer. This is a limited-time offer running through February 15th.

Did you see this ad during the Super Bowl? What were your initial thoughts on it? 

Super Bowl LVI was filled with tons of edgy, funny, and downright genius advertisements, but which was your favorite?


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