Strikepoint Media Announces Acquisition of Socialite Agency

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LAGUNA BEACH, California – Strikepoint Media, LLC.— an industry leader in digital marketing, media buying, lead generation, and funnel building—is excited to integrate Socialite Agency’s services and clientele under the Strikepoint Media brand, with the goal of helping business owners and entrepreneurs enhance their online presence, digital persuasion techniques, and scale their digital marketing campaigns.

“We are so thrilled to launch this initiative with Erin. She brings so much digital marketing experience to the table, and she’ll help us reach an entirely new scope of businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their digital presence, positioning, and branding right away” said Jeremy Blossom, CEO and Co-Founder of Strikepoint Media.

Strikepoint Media’s world-class digital media, marketing, and creative design services will be available to Socialites’ existing clientele, while Socialite CEO/Founder Erin King will serve as a senior advisor to help attract new businesses and entrepreneurs who are in need of assistance with their digital marketing.

“Strikepoint is absolutely the ideal partner to power the next iteration of Socialite Agency. Their incredible talent, vision, and values are in total alignment with how we’ve grown our clients’ businesses over the last decade and we’re elated to accelerate our success trajectory together.” said Erin King.

Erin has previously worked with companies such as Visa, Target, Disney, ABC, The Oscars, Hilton, and Johnson & Johnson to name a few. Socialite was previously named “Best Social Media Agency” by the Professional Convention Management Association.

Socialiate has driven over 0,000,000 in trackable social commerce revenue and media value impressions for their clients, generated over 2,300,000+ socially sourced leads, and acquired over 1,000,000,000 (yes, that’s billion) followers for her client communities and profiles.

“Merging the Socialite agency and Strikepoint Media teams means we’re able to offer a much deeper bench of digital expertise for our clients. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this DREAM TEAM serving up massive results and remarkable impact.” said Erin.

To learn more about what this means for your business, visit for more details.


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