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What makes a “good” landing page? Better yet, what makes a good Crypto landing page? For starters, you can read our blog on 10 Tips To Improve Your Landing Page, but for now, let’s start with the basics of landing pages.

Let’s pick apart the question first. What do we mean by “Crypto” landing page? We’re referring to a landing page that promotes a cryptocurrency trading platform, promotes a cryptocurrency course or online mastermind, or promotes any other product or service offering relating to the cryptocurrency space. This could be an info-book on certain cryptocurrencies, a certain guru’s “indicator” which helps him or her choose the right buy, or anything else.

Every good landing page needs to have a bold headline, a clear call-to-action (CTA), and have an engaging/inviting design. Those are some “can’t miss” elements you need to have, but digging even deeper, what makes a good “Crypto” landing page? 

First things first, you need to be crystal clear with your messaging throughout the funnel. You want to try your best to eliminate any confusion. When the lead lands on your landing page, is it clear what you are offering? Is it clear what the user would be “getting”? Is there a clear “offer” for them to take? All of those are important, but none are more important than having a clear call-to-action. Without a clear CTA, your landing page could get all the traffic in the world and still have no conversions. 

For a full breakdown on building the perfect landing page, check out this episode from The Strikepoint Academy where Marketing Manager Hannah Dickman shares her top 10 tips.

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But now, let’s get into our top 5 favorite Crypto landing pages and what makes them so good.

#5: TradeStation

Coming in at number 5 we have an excellent landing page put together by TradeStation.

What immediately sticks out to us?

  • The clear, bold headline followed by descriptive sub-headline
    • Earn money, to grow yours!
    • Get $10 in crypto and take control of your financial destiny. Get $10 in crypto with all newly approved accounts. Just finish the application and take our award-winning tools and platform for a spin.
  • The imagery of depositing a coin into a piggy bank illustrates the message that they are conveying. By signing up for a new account, you receive $10 in 
  • The CTA Button
    • A clear message of “Get Started” is displayed right below the headline and sub headline, inviting the user to take them up on their offer. If we had any input for TradeStation, it would be to make this button stick out a bit more! The white outline and white copy make it blend into the white sub headline above it. Making the entire button white with the copy in the blank space would make this button stand out a whole lot more!

#4: Coinbase

Let’s get to our third landing page. Check out this page built by Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

The main message Coinbase is trying to send is that you can earn crypto on their platform, while learning about crypto. What does that mean exactly? Coinbase invites the user to take short guided training sessions on specific cryptocurrencies, and in return for your time, they will send you $1, $2, $5, or even $10 dollars of the currency you were learning about. This is a great offering by Coinbase, and they can reach more engaged crypto users and offer them free coins in return for using Coinbase.

What immediately stands out to us regarding this landing page?

  • The CTA:
    • “Start Earning” is a very strong call to action, essentially promising you that when you follow this link, you’ll start receiving “free” currency on their platform. 
  • The Body:
    • The entire body of the page becomes quite clear when you scroll down. They are promoting each cryptocurrency that trades on their platform that you have an opportunity to “earn” through courses and education. There are over 25 cryptocurrencies listed on their page that you can earn.
  • Friendly and inviting design
    • The UX (User Experience) on this page is great from start to finish. The illustrations, color theory, and copy all make for this page to flow easily and invite the user to scroll through and keep reading.

#3: Gemini

Let’s get to our second favorite crypto landing page right now. Gemini, one of the industry leading trading platforms can be compared to those like Coinbase, Robinhood, Crypto.com and more…It’s a simple and easy to navigate platform that allows you to build up your crypto portfolio right from your phone.

Take a look at the landing page below.

Now, right off the bat this page isn’t extremely eye-catching, but the layout is clean and simple to understand. What you see above the fold is a clear headline (Buy bitcoin and crypto instantly!) with a supporting sub headline (Gemini is a simple, elegant, and secure platform to build your crypto portfolio).

Immediately below that is a black button that contrasts with the white background, stating “Get started”. An easy to follow CTA, but nothing too flashy.

What does catch our eye, however, is the banner message displaying across the top.

“Earn up to 8.05% interest with Gemini Earn!”

That’s an incentivizing message, with 8.05% interest being an impressive offer.

All of these individual sections by themselves don’t stand out or seem too impressive on their own, but put together they form a fundamentally good landing page.

But that’s not all, it’s what’s beneath the fold that makes this page stand out even more.

The further you scroll down, the more impressive it becomes.

Immediately below the fold, you’re met with logos of popular brands and businesses who they presumably work with or were featured in (New York Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, and WIRED). This does a great job of building credibility, which is extremely important for a landing page. 

You’re also introduced to the Gemini Credit Card, which is currently only open for a waitlist. You can see they list 3 benefits of the card before inviting you to take action and join the waitlist.

  • Up to 3% back on purchases
  • Earn rewards in bitcoin or 50+ other cryptos
  • No annual fee

All of which are attractive offers for a credit card!

Another strong selling point Gemini presents on this page is the ability to buy and sell NFTs on Nifty Gateway. NFTs are the hottest new thing in the crypto space, and including a snippet of information relating to that sector is a great way to generate more interest in their exchange.

A big question that most investors would raise would be issues related to security. In the past few years alone, we’ve seen scandal after scandal of trading platforms, exchanges, and crypto wallets being hacked and people lost millions of dollars. Gemini attacks that narrative head-on with their section on “Industry leading security from day one”.

They present facts relating to safety, security, compliance, insurance, certifications, and hardware security keys all in one convenient place for the user to read through.

Finally, towards the end of the page they cover a very important section for a lot of their target audience: beginner traders. If you’re brand new to the crypto and investing space, a lot of this vocabulary could be confusing or intimidating. With Gemini, they say “Whether you’re an experienced trader or just getting started, Gemini has all the tools you need to buy, sell, and store your crypto. Maximize your trading strategies with ActiveTrader”

Now, is this a perfect landing page? No. But it’s a really good landing page that you certainly can take elements from and use for your own page. All of the components of this landing page are strong pillars that you should think about using on your own website.

Is it a complicated subject? Offer a training/demo.

Are there common questions regarding your product or service? Include a FAQ page.

Do you have testimonials? Include them. Build credibility. 

Any of these tips and strategies used by some of the biggest names in the Cryptocurrency space can be used for your specific product or industry, and the results may surprise you.

#2: Voyager

Our second favorite Crypto landing page comes from Voyager, the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that’s known for “staking”, or essentially paying you interest on your crypto holdings.

Check out their page below and let us know what you initially think.

First and foremost, it’s a very simple and clean design. It’s very streamlined, and the page doesn’t overwhelm you with excess information and jargon. 

  • The Headline
    • Earn up to 12% rewards – 80+ digital assets, commission-free*, crypto made simple
    • This headline and sub headline are clear and to the point, they let you know you can earn up to 12% in rewards. What are those rewards? While they don’t explicitly state it, they’re referring to receiving interest on your investments, up to 12%.
  • The App Store Buttons
    • This is genius for any product or service offering that has an app. If someone accesses this page via mobile, they can instantly click the app store icon to start downloading the Voyager app, where they can start receiving up to 12% interest.
  • The CTA
    • Arguably the weakest point of this landing page is the CTA. While it still gets the job done, it could stick out more and convey a clearer message. They state “Get Voyager News In Your Inbox” with a “Sign Up” button accompanied by an email form. We’d recommend changing the copy on the button from sign up to something more exciting, like “Start Earning Today”.

#1: Crypto 101

Finally – our favorite Crypto landing page out right now belongs to Crypto 101, a crypto education platform that empowers users into learning more about the ins and outs of the crypto world.. This landing page is offering users access to “The #1 Cryptocurrency Indicator”. What does that mean? Crypto 101 is inviting you to register for their private “indicator” that signals a crypto trader to either buy or sell a certain asset.

Take a look at the landing page, specifically what’s above the fold below…

What immediately sticks out to us?

  • The vibrant, purple background contrasts very well with the rest of the page, and gives it a “techno” feel that fits well with the cryptocurrency space.
  • Again, the clear and bold headline of “Unlock the #1 Cryptocurrency Indicator” lets you know exactly what they’re trying to offer you, and it gives some additional context with the subheadings.
    • Almost every time a cryptocurrency crosses into this mysterious window, I’m counting on the price to explode.
  • The vibrant orange button is a must! The fact that this button contrasts so well with the purple background, it makes it almost impossible to miss. “Register Now” is the CTA on the button, with the additional copy above of “Enter Your Favorite Email To See How” instructing you on what to do.
  • The Timer!
    • This is such an easy addition to implement, it should be on almost all of your landing pages. While this isn’t a traditional timer that’s counting down until this offer expires, it does the same effect. When someone is prompted with a timer, they are more likely to make a decision instead of (elaborate)

This landing page is a textbook example of what you need to have present on your own landing pages. If you’re looking for help building your own landing pages, contact us today and one of our marketing experts will be in touch.



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