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What do you do when your marketing campaigns stop working? What if your sales dry up and your leads stop flowing in. What do you do to kickstart your marketing to increase your sales and revenue?

With inflation at all time highs, political uncertainty running rampant, consumer behavior seems to be changing. It may even be impacting your marketing funnels already.

When that happens, you as a marketer need to step up and be dynamic.

This was a major theme throughout Affiliate World: Barcelona. Being dynamic will not only help when market conditions change, but it also gives you the ability to adapt and overcome shortcomings you’re experiencing with your funnel.

It’s easy to say “be dynamic”, but it’s tough to know exactly how or where you’re supposed to adjust your funnel.

It begins with Ad Creative. 

Step One | Dynamic Ad Creative

We’ll use the finance industry as an example, but keep the common themes in mind and you can apply them to your industry.

There’s an old saying from legendary marketer Dan Kennedy that goes “Find out what people are talking about, bring your story and your narrative to the table, and add value where you see fit.”

Testing out different headlines, different imagery, to try to get a consensus and a buy-in from your audience that they are interested in what you have to say or offer.

Step Two | Traffic Destinations

Step two is all about where you’re sending your traffic. This is often overlooked when it comes to adjustments. Most of us are probably experienced in adjusting ad creative, imagery, or headlines throughout our funnel. But odds are, you’ve left a landing page relatively unchanged.

It’s time to re-think that.

You should be matching the front and middle parts of your funnel to your messaging and ad creative angles that generated that initial click. After all, that’s the message that ultimately hooked your audience in, so why would you want to change that up on them?

Step Three | Follow-Ups

As we continue to move down the funnel, the next thing we want to focus on is how are we going to follow up from a value perspective? How do we get them to undoubtedly trust us?

At this point in the funnel, we do not need to keep the same messaging as the front end of our funnel. We can now drive the message of our solution that solves their problem. 

This is referring to email follow-ups, end of the webinar, big promotion, whatever that you’re doing to drive the actual sale should be solution oriented.

Whatever their problem is, your solution must transcend it.

Pro-tip | Compare your prospects problem to your solution and find your unique-selling-proposition and position that to drive more sales.

In market conditions like this, speed is your friend. 

How do we increase your efficiency and productivity as a marketer?

The Module Method

What is it?

The module method is taking each component of your funnel (ad creative, landing pages,VSLs, webinars, etc…) and you are modularizing each component of this funnel.

Here’s an example of how this works:

In your ad creative, if it’s a video ad, you might make 5 different 5 second intros to the ad. They’re all a little bit different to try and capture your attention in the very beginning.

Then you might make 5 different variations of the middle portion of your ad, and 5 different call to actions at the end.

With 5 different variations of each portion of the video ad, that leaves you with 125 possible video ads! Think of the amount of tests you can run with that many ads. You’re bound to find a winner in there.

Now, you can take that same modular approach and you can apply it to your landing pages.

Create different areas above the fold, different call to actions, different videos on the page, and play around to find whichever combination performs the best. 

By doing this, you can keep the same messaging you’re trying to convey, the same USP your product offers, or whatever the big “promise” is you’re trying to deliver, you can keep all of that in tact.

But really you should try to focus on the messaging to match what the market is hearing, what the market is looking for, and most importantly, what the market is talking about.

Stay nimble, stay dynamic, and keep testing.

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