A.I. For the Win: 11 ChatGPT Prompts to Create High-Powered Campaigns

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What’s Hot

Tech and Tool Updates

Like I mentioned in the intro, before you can really leverage AI, you need to know the parameters
in which you’re working to be most effective. If you know how to navigate the platforms you’re working in, you can produce stronger results with the tools available to you. Which brings us to the following new tools and technology…

TikTok’s Creative Center – Keyword Insights

TikTok’s Creative Center is a perfect example of how to gather the info you need to maximize your AI results.

This is a new tool from TikTok that ranks keywords and top performing ads across the platform.

It doesn’t just rank keywords in the COPY, but also what’s being said in the video itself. You can use this tool to filter down by niche and pain point to give you extremely targeted insights into your buyer persona.

Once you have the information you need to define your buyer, you can use AI to start generating content specific to them.

First, gather data. Then, use that data to generate stronger inputs. Think about how much more powerful your ads can be with that kind of information, and how much more effective your campaigns can be as a result.

Facebook’s Meta-Lattice

Facebook is working on something called Meta- Lattice. It’s not fully released yet, but when it’s 100% ready, this will be a gamechanger. It’s a new AI model that can predict your ad’s performance based on a variety of datasets and optimization goals. It can help you produce better performance and uses AI to accelerate your campaign’s learning process, letting you optimize your ad performance much more quickly. Essentially, you’ll be able to submit your ad and see the expected performance right away, then adjust accordingly to get the response you’re hoping for.

Not all the information is available on this tool yet, but once it is, our readers will be the first to know about it.

Facebook is also updating its conversion events.

Facebook Update: Bye-Bye Domains and Aggregated Events

Meta is gradually introducing updates to website conversion campaigns. This means you no longer need to prioritize 8 conversion events per domain for web conversion optimization.

You don’t need to turn on value sets in order to use value optimization, so the Aggregated Event Measurement tab in Meta Events Manager will be removed since you no longer need to configure web events.

You won’t need to verify your website domains for purposes related to event configuration and you don’t need to select a conversion domain when you create a campaign in Ads Manager.

What does this mean? Simpler, faster launches for new offers!

Funnels can be tracked more accurately with custom conversions as you’re no longer limited to 8 events, giving you as much granularity as you like. You no longer have to prioritize pixel events (all events are ranked equally) and altering pixel events no longer interrupts learning.

While this would rarely happen in normal circumstances, if you ever went from a lead to a purchase optimized campaign and needed to switch event prioritization, this would throw the pixel in a confused state for up to 72 hours.

This should open up more opportunities for lead gen funnels since you’ll be able to pixel without redirecting leads as there’s no longer conversion pixels to satisfy. As this process continues, we’ll understand more about optimizing conversions
in the new updated Meta landscape. And once we know that, we’ll be using AI to maximize those conversions – and tell you about it every step of the way.

AI Prompts to Create High Powered Campaigns in 48 Hours

This past month, Strikepoint had a little fun with AI. The different departments in our company were each tasked with creating the best system, process, or improvement for our company and clients. The criteria was:

  • Will it save us time?
  • Does it improve efficiency?
  • How effective is it?
  • How accurate is it?
  • Does it improve the client experience?
  • Do we receive actionable new insights?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Is it innovative?

The results were epic!

Account Services, Marketing, Creatives, Media Buying, Operations… all went above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

I can’t give away everything they built in this issue, but we’re using it all to solve complex problems so much more quickly and efficiently for our clients.

And the new campaigns have produced incredible results.

The Operations Team created a virtual assistant – your all in one virtual analyst for automating daily tasks.

Our Account Services department is leveraging A.I. in their client onboarding and ongoing admin- istration services of accounts.

By leveraging new tools (like Fathom), we’re able to highlight, bookmark, and determine action items through Zoom meetings with a single click.

The Creative team got their brains together to create a copywriting assistant dubbed Chat- JohnPT -to grade and improve copywriting based on Strikepoint’s Direct Response Copywriter John Angel and the Direct Response copywriting style. It provides feedback through a grading system based on Dan Kennedy’s framework.

The Media Buying team put together a way to automate data and records containing actionable insights in a frequent and accurate manner.

They’ve been able to automate reporting, improve efficiency and effectiveness, all while gaining new insights.

And our Marketing Department put together a se- ries of 11 ChatGPT prompts designed to save time, energy, and resources by greatly increasing our speed to launch new campaigns and asset builds.

The ultimate goal was to solve internal bottle- necks around campaign strategy and briefs to launch a fully fleshed out campaign in 48 hours or less.

Mission accomplished! Here’s the 3-step process they came up with using Bellus Academy Makeup Artistry Promo as a case study, and the prompts to guide each:

Step 1: Background and Objective

Then we went into the Client Discovery phase for Bellus Academy.

Then it was time to mold our marketing objectives.

When those prompts are answered, we have a rock-solid foundation for our Creative Strategy Map.

Step 2: Requesting Deliverables

This is where we request hooks, CTAs, ads, and welcome emails from the AI.

Then it’s onto Step 3. Where the AI can create an effective funnel map for you.

Step 3: Funnel Ideation

If you’re not sure how to structure your customer journey, AI can figure it out for you.

Don’t forget to set numbers for what a win looks like.

ChatGPT gave us some guidance here since our needed conversion rate at those numbers were a little high.

That’s it! Let the machines do the work for you.

AI Creative Review

This month’s ad review was inspired by artificial intelligence.

In some way, shape, or form, AI helped create the following ad and landing page. But here’s the thing … “helped create” does not mean “did it for us.”

We meticulously tested, optimized, and scaled these campaigns to find what works best. Just because AI suggests something doesn’t mean it will work.

That’s vital to understand.

And the results speak for themselves.

Ad Review

This ad running for the Benzinga Options campaign started on TikTok but has since worked on various other platforms.

AI helped with the original values and script, but we modified it significantly.

The end result was a CPA a full 30% lower than our average.

The creative has all the calling cards of a winning ad.

It overcomes objections (makes trading easy for any experience level) …

Shows clear value (50% off, the key to potentially bigger and more consistent gains) …

Adds credibility (vetted by experts)… Guarantees results…

And provides scarcity and a clear call to action (but this offer won’t be around forever, so swipe left to take advantage of it). We were able to produce this winning ad far more quickly by simply leveraging AI to speed up the creation process. Just make sure you’re not copying and pasting your outputs, or things could get pretty weird.

Winning Landing Page Review

The Vixen Gathering is a women-led collective that helps members level up their personal
and professional lives through transformation, expansion, and intention. They have a proven system that works for their members, with a long long list of testimonials, so it’s no surprise that they get exceptional results.

But everyone was surprised when this page started converting at over 60%:

It’s a simple but effective page with clear messaging to a specific audience, very direct but small copy, and a clear call to action.

There’s nothing that says you have to have a novel on your opt in page.

Just nail the messaging and audience and 60% conversion is absolutely possible.

Fun fact: while the page converts at 60%, traffic coming from the following ad to the opt- in page are converting at 85%!

The same messaging carries over from ad to LP, and so does the simple design.

AI provided some ideas, but ultimately this is an example of speaking directly to our audience for insights into messaging rather than a machine.

AI isn’t always right, and you should always validate your idea by showing it to your audience.

In this case, that means showing the ads to smart, focused women who care about their success.

Copy Corner

The Six Weapons of Mass Influence and Persuasion

Pretty “wow” thoughts from a legend, but very relevant. If your copy is focusing on features instead of benefits, it’s never going to convert.

Benefits elicit an emotional response. And ultimately, we sell by speaking to that emotion.

Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion focuses specifically on this and offers six specific tactics to ethically manipulate a prospect’s emotional state so they respond now, rather than later.

Here are Cialdini’s tactics that are just as effective today as the day the book was published.

Reciprocation: Give something valuable, get something in return. Almost like someone giving you their name, email, and phone number for a free report.

Commitment & Consistency: Get people to take micro-actions. The more you get them to engage, the more you qualify them as a lead. Think about training the “click” when someone opts into an email list.

Social Proof: Word of mouth has been and always will be king. When enough people have seen
or done something, and can’t stop raving about
it, this creates FOMO. The more people who attended a webinar or viewed a video adds extra impact to it. When “everyone” is doing it or has done it, anyone who hasn’t must be missing out on something legit.

Liking: People buy from people they know, like, and trust. In reality, they buy from people they “think” they know, like and trust. You can create a sense of liking through stories of similar struggle and triumph. Or by having a common enemy.

Authority: People look up to others in a position of authority. You can build, borrow, or buy authority.

Use your track record of success and accomplishments to build authority, have someone speak highly of you to borrow authority, or hire or acquire a real expert as your spokesperson if you want to buy authority. Either way, someone needs to provide a reason they should listen to you (or your company).

Scarcity: People want what they can’t have. Legitimate scarcity and urgency increases conversions. People start to be afraid they’ll miss out on the opportunity. But don’t make up scarcity. Don’t say “this offer will never be seen again”

if that’s not true. Don’t say “comes down in 24 hours” if it doesn’t. Stick with what you say you’re doing and it’ll work much better.

BONUS TACTIC – CURIOSITY: It’s the ultimate itch someone just has to scratch. Having to know what you don’t know but interests you is a force unlike any other. You just have to know how the movie ends, or what the celebrity you love was wearing that caused everyone to lose their minds. Use the right open hooks and leads will opt in to find out the solution.

When it comes to AI, feel free to ask the software to create hooks, ads, headlines, etc using specific emotional strategies to come up with new angles and powerful copy.

What’s Hot At Strikepoint

It’s been a busy month for Strikepoint.

The A.I. contest I covered above was a HUGE success, and blew all our minds.

We also put a big focus on Short Form Video Content to expand online presence for clients.

And I hosted an Ad Creative Workshop with SP’s Senior Creative Strategist, Anthony Celestino.

The purpose of this workshop was to help attendees double their ROAS by leveraging pain points, USPs, and especially A.I to create high- impact ad creative.

We dove into some of the most powerful Ad Creative strategies and techniques SPM uses to help our clients achieve incredible results.

We talked about:

  • How to identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and use it to solve your ideal customer’s biggest problems.
  • How to utilize A.I. from research to script writing and everything in between to maximize conversions.
  • Why CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is OVERRATED
  • How to use the world’s most powerful conversion tool… your index finger!
  • BONUS: We gave away Ad Creative Audits!

If your ROAS is dropping and you don’t know why…

If your targeting strategies that worked in the past aren’t working anymore…

If you’ve LOST targeting capabilities (thanks to iOS and privacy concerns…)

Or if you’re just not happy with your current performance…

Watch the entire replay here.

And if you’re still looking to level up your ad creative, we’re offering you a complimentary Ad Creative Review from our award-winning creative department.

Let us take a deep dive into your existing ad strategy, look into your ad accounts, and our team will identify areas for improvement or new opportunities for growth.

Click here to schedule your own ad creative review today.

And if you need more help beyond that, hey that’s what we’re here for.

Just email charlie@strikepointmedia.com and we’ll show you exactly how and where to improve your ads.

That’s it for this month’s issue of the C2C Report! Time to get back to perfecting our AI marketing so we can share more tips and tricks with you next month! As always, if you have a question, or if there’s anything you’d like to see more of or have us focus on (or that we can do better), please shoot me an email and let me know directly!

Jeremy Blossom
CEO, Strikepoint Media

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