Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore SEO in 2024

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How To Develop Your Customer Avatar

Let’s start off this Clicks to Conversions Report by building a hypothetical scenario.

You have a product, and you’ve chosen the most suitable platform for running ads. Whether that be
Meta, Google, YouTube, you need to decide on the best possible marketing strategy to reach your
target audience and generate a sale.

BUT – who exactly is your target audience? Who is your message for? Who do you want to buy your
product? That’s where a Customer Avatar comes into play.

Luckily for you, we’ve created a detailed worksheet that you can download, fill out and discover who exactly your target audience and customer avatar represents. Click here to download your very own customer avatar worksheet.

10 Steps to Creating An Effective Sales Page

Creating a sales page that not only captures attention but also converts visitors into customers is an art and a science. At Strikepoint, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide, designed to take your sales page from good to great. From crafting a compelling promise to creating a sense of urgency, each step in this guide is a piece of the puzzle in building a page that resonates with your audience and drives results. Whether you’re revamping an existing page or starting from scratch, this guide is your key to unlocking higher conversions and success.

1. The Big Promise
Start strong! Use positive framing like “Achieve [Desired Outcome] in [Time Frame]…” or
negative framing such as “Solve [Issue] & Eliminate [Pain] without [Undesirable Action]…”

2. Empathy Is Key
Show you understand their pain and stakes. Connect by sharing your own experiences, and offer support: “Here’s the problem causing you distress…”

3. The Big Promise
Start strong! Use positive framing like “Achieve [Desired Outcome] in [Time Frame]…” or negative framing such as “Solve [Issue] & Eliminate [Pain] without [Undesirable Action]…”

4. The Opportunity Vehicle
Introduce your unique solution, the mechanism behind it, and back it up with proof. This is where you showcase how you’ll alleviate their pain.

5. Before vs. After
Highlight the drastic change your solution offers. Compare the ineffective old way with your new, better approach.

6. Unique Selling Proposition
Position your product uniquely. Explain why it’s different and better, emphasizing the benefits.

7. Irresistible Offers
Present your offer in an attractive package. Include bonuses and use price anchoring to show the incredible value they’re getting.

8. Social Proof For Credibility
Add testimonials, ratings, and any notable endorsements or awards. Video testimonials can be especially powerful.

9. Risk Reversal
Ease their fears with guarantees, payment plans, or trials. Show them there’s minimal risk in trying your product.

10. Create Urgency
Encourage prompt action. Use countdown timers, limited-time offers, or exclusive bonuses to create a sense of urgency

Copy Corner

The Foundation of All Persuasion

Discovered by Wall Street titan, Bernard Baruch. He was known as one of the most persuasive men
of the 20th century. He defined persuasion as the ability to… Find out what people want, then show
them how to get it.

The practical application of this discovery in direct response marketing was made by Gary
Bencivenga, known as the world’s greatest living copywriter.
(Now retired.) His winning percentage
in head-to-head competition against the best copy talent in America was an astounding 85 percent.
No one has come close. (Not even ChapGPT – LOL!)

His discovery was made and verified over 40 years and thousands of precisely tracked split run
tests that produced more than a billion-dollars in sales. His four-part persuasion formula is called…

The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation (and it’s trademarked.)

The prospect must have a problem, want or desire. Every problem, by the way, is a desire unfulfilled. This is where everything starts.

Without a problem (or unsatisfied desire)… nothing happens.

The marketer then makes a promise to solve that problem or fulfill that desire.

Then proof must be provided that you can… indeed… solve the problem in a way that makes the prospect believe it’s possible.

Finally, you offer an irresistible proposition that elicits an immediate response.

Add those four elements together and you get… persuasion at the highest level.

Source: The Bencivenga 100 Seminar

The Importance of “Hooks” in Video Ads

The first 5-10 seconds of your video ads are crucial for the success of your campaigns – but why is that?

Your Ad’s First 5 Seconds: This acts as a “hook” for the user’s attention and can demand them to stay past when the “skip ad” button becomes clickable.

Your Ad’s First 10 Seconds: Getting your viewers to stick around past 10 seconds acts as an “ad quality” signal to Google that will drive down your cost of traffic (and could drive down your CPA as a result).

And while YES, the script is very important…

We’re talking about both:

What is said in the video’s audio (i.e. the script)

But ALSO what you show on the screen, visually

Hook Rate Testing is something top agencies are capitalizing on right now, and while we definitely
practice this across the board, I think we can put in a stronger effort to improve (especially on
the visual side of things). While all of these may not be applicable to every client, there are bits
and pieces here you can try to implement where possible.

VidTao recently released a list of 6 major patterns they discovered in some of the top performing ads
across YouTube.

Let’s dive in–

Hook Tactic #1: Use Visual Urgency

Incorporate visually urgent elements like an unexpected or emergency situation.

This ad from Prepared Hero is a perfect example, and has spent close to $500k in the past 30 days.

Hook Tactic #2: Audio Shock Factor

Utilize surprising or dramatic audio exclamations to enhance the sense of urgency and keep
viewers engaged.

In the same example above, the woman in the video screams, “OH MY GOSH,” that grabs your attention right away.

Hook Tactic #3: Instructional Setting

Use visuals that set an educational tone, such as a presenter in front of a whiteboard, to position the
ad as informative or instructional. This also puts the speaker in a position of authority and can add

This ad from Acorns has an estimated lifetime spend over $4M.

Hook Tactic #4: Address the Problem Directly

Start the audio with a direct mention of a common problem or mistake that the target audience can
relate to, fostering immediate connection and interest. I would say our team already does a great job utilizing this tactic with our current ads.

Hook Tactic #5: Visual Contrast // Provocation

Striking and unconventional visuals can help provoke interest and differentiate from the vast
sea of typical imagery.

A great example of this is an ad from Jawzercize that showcases a before and after image from
using their product. The black & white visuals along the edges also help the main focus stand out.

Hook Tactic #6: Intriguing Audio Claim

Use audio to make intriguing or controversial claims (you could also address a common
misconception), which can pique curiosity and encourage further viewing.

We all remember this ad from zuPoo– “The average human has 5 to 20 pounds of toxic
poop in their body at any given moment.” I most definitely did NOT skip this ad when I saw it.

Just remember, your hook IS important. Try out these tactics in your own ads to help avoid
creative fatigue, prolong the “lifespan” of winning ads, and even find your winning ads faster.

What’s Hot At Strikepoint

While we’re still recovering from eating all that turkey at our amazing Strikepoint Friendsgiving –
just take a look at this spread!

That, mixed with our office decorating party has us in the festive spirit.

But nevertheless, we at Strikepoint always want to leave you with valuable info and content that
you can use to implement into your marketing endeavors.

Like how you can dive into one of our latest blog posts highlighting YouTube advertising in 2024 featuring updates, strategies, and creative best practices so you can get the most out of your

And while YouTube is a hot topic moving into 2024, nothing is hotter than SEO.

I know we’ve been harping on it for the past few months, but we can’t stress enough how big of an
impact SEO can have on your digital marketing efforts.

Not only does SEO build customer trust and credibility, it gives you a competitive advantage for
gaining ground on your competitors.

Dive into our report on why you can’t afford to ignore SEO in 2024.

As always, if you have a question, if there’s anything you’d like to see more of, or that we can
do better, please reply to this email and let me know directly.

Again, thank you to our amazing friends, clients, and family who make this all possible.

And as usual, the only thing we ask in return for this content that we spend all month putting
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Let’s keep the wins coming in.

Bryan Rosenkrantz
CEO, Strikepoint

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