5 Ways ChatGPT Can Level Up Your Marketing

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ChatGPT is taking the world by storm, and for good reason. The chatbot launched by OpenAI in 2022 has quickly become a viral sensation, and more and more people are using the platform to leverage their own business and level up their copywriting skills.

But has it gone too far? The core function of ChatGPT is to mimic a human conversation, a task that has been tried time and time again by many tech companies throughout the years. You’ve probably dealt with one maybe without even realizing when interacting with customer service “reps” at large eCommerce retailers.

But the main problem people have run into is that it just doesn’t feel “human”-like.

That’s where ChatGPT changed the game.

Now – don’t get me wrong. It’s far from perfect. You can’t just type in “write a 1,500 word blog post on digital marketing” and expect it to produce something interesting or compelling. But it’s ability to quickly learn and adapt to what you input, is what separates Chat GPT from the rest of the AI copywriting bots out there.

That’s why it’s paramount that in the early stages of this, you learn the ins and outs of how YOU can leverage this tool for your own business growth, particularly in your marketing efforts.

Keep reading to discover 5 unique ways you can utilize ChatGPT for your own good.

#1. Ad Copy

It needs to be said that ChatGPT cannot fully replace your copywriters, editors, or even strategists. It’s still a work-in-progress, and is far from perfect. However, you can use ChatGPT to really beef up your ad copy if you’re ever feeling stuck. Take a look at some of these examples the bot spits out after we tell it…

“Write 3 unique Google Search Ads promoting a local dentist’s office”

  1. “Need a dentist in [city]? Look no further. Our local office offers top-notch care and the latest technology. Book now!”
  2. “Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from a healthy smile. Our gentle dentists and relaxing office can help. Call to schedule an appointment today!”
  3. “Invisalign, braces, cleanings, and more – our family dentist office has it all. Conveniently located in [city], call to schedule your visit now!”

These ads all feature a call to action and a little bit of intro copy, but are they perfect? No, but they certainly can act as a great starting point for any local dentist office looking to run Google Ads. Keep in mind you may need to adjust words here and there and plug in more specific information or instructions to find something that you love. Just plug and play with your specific niche or industry to see what kind of language and messaging ChatGPT uses.

#2. Short-Form Content Scripts

If you’ve scrolled on TikTok or IG Reels in the past few months, you’ve probably heard a ChatGPT script and haven’t even realized it. This is something that the chat bot has picked up and almost mastered in a very short amount of time. Everything from news updates to UGC ad scripts, ChatGPT has the ability to write a short-form content script that sounds authentic and human-like. Let’s say we wanted to put together a TikTok script announcing the updates from iOS 14.5 and how it impacts advertisers and marketers. Spoiler alert: this is word-for-word what we put into ChatGPT and what came out:

Prompt: Write a TikTok script for an agency sharing news about iOS 14.5 updates and how it impacts marketers and advertisers.

Here’s what ChatGPT returned with after about 60 seconds:

[Opening shot of an agency office with employees working on laptops and phones] 


Voiceover: “Hey TikTok, are you a marketer or advertiser? You need to know about the latest updates to iOS 14.5.” 


[Cut to an employee holding up an iPhone with the iOS 14.5 update screen visible] 


Voiceover: “Apple has just released iOS 14.5 and it’s bringing some big changes to the way we track and measure online ads.” 


[Cut to an employee holding up a laptop displaying a chart of website traffic] 


Voiceover: “With the new update, apps will now need to ask for user permission to track their data. This means that advertisers may see a significant drop in their data tracking abilities.” 


[Cut to an employee holding up a phone displaying a mock-up of a pop-up asking for user tracking permission] 


Voiceover: “But don’t panic! There are still ways to reach your target audience and measure the success of your campaigns.” 


[Cut to an employee holding up a laptop displaying a graph of increasing conversions]


Voiceover: “Our agency can help you navigate these changes and make sure your advertising efforts are still effective. Don’t get left behind, contact us today to learn more.” 


[Closing shot of the agency office with the company logo and contact information displayed on the screen] 


Voiceover: “Don’t wait, stay ahead of the game with our expert guidance on iOS 14.5 updates. Contact us today!” 

We didn’t even tell it to add in camera shots or cuts, yet it provided those options automatically. This can be a golden opportunity for smaller businesses, eCommerce companies, or any entrepreneur that doesn’t have the time to sit down and write these scripts. You can now feed ChatGPT a simple one-sentence prompt and receive a detailed script and outline that you can follow or adjust based on your preferences.

This can be used for all different types of brands and businesses, you will just need to tailor it to your audience!

#3. SEO-Friendly Website Content

ChatGPT has many benefits for content marketers, including being able to assist with producing high-quality, seo-friendly content for your website.

Everyone wants their website to rank higher, and one of the most tried and tested methods for that is to improve your SEO ranking. How can you do that?

One way is through writing relevant and useful content/articles that your audience is interested in and engages with. ChatGPT can help you come up with blog topic ideas utilizing keywords you want to target, it can improve your readability, and help you speak to a specific audience. Additionally, it can suggest related keywords that you can use to help your content rank higher in search engines. 

For example, let’s say you run a website that specializes in financial news, updates, and articles. You can put into ChatGPT “produce 3 unique blog topics relating to the latest interest rate hike by the fed”, if that’s something that just happened in the economy. ChatGPT spits out…

  1. The Impact of the Latest Fed Interest Hike on Your Investment Portfolio
  2. Understanding the Fed’s Latest Interest Hike: What it Means for Homeowners and Buyers
  3. The Latest Fed Interest Hike: How it Will Affect Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

As you can see, ChatGPT didn’t necessarily pick up on the fact that I was referring to the Federal Reserve as “The Fed”. It continued using my terminology instead of using the full name. 

This is one of the limitations of ChatGPT, but this should also give you good insight into just how powerful this tool can be. You may have been thinking about writing a blog on how the interest hike impacts your investments, but you may not have thought about homeowners and buyers until ChatGPT mentioned it. It can help you come up with fresh ideas and dramatically increase the amount of content you’re able to produce.

This can in turn, increase your SEO ranking, bring in more website traffic, and ultimately increase your sales and revenue if done correctly.

#4. Social Media Engagement

You might be asking yourself, “How would a chatbot help with social media engagement?”

Let’s take a step back.

When you’re measuring social media engagement, that can be anything from likes, comments, shares, re-posts, DM’s, etc…

ChatGPT can play a role in all areas. For likes and comments, ChatGPT can pump out multiple caption ideas and hashtags to choose from. For comments, if your brand or business receives a comment, you can tell ChatGPT to “Write a reply to this comment on Instagram giving customer support”. 

It all comes down to your messaging. What makes ChatGPT so great is that it can learn based on its previous conversations. So if it writes a caption for Instagram that you really like, but you feel it’s missing something specific, you can say “Re-write that last prompt but add [XYZ] into the mix”.

It can recommend new post ideas, monitor social media trends, and personalize messaging based on your niche. 

#5. Lead Generation

Almost every single stop along the marketing funnel is influenced by messaging. Whether you’re talking about a landing page, ad creative, VSL, or even a CTA, there is precise messaging to try and inch you along the buyer or customer journey. 

Ultimately, a lot of our work is focused on one thing: Lead Generation.

Without working leads, your sales team or business development department can dry up fast. You need to keep that pipeline full to continuously scale and grow.

ChatGPT can play an integral role in the lead generation process. 

On your landing pages, ChatGPT can suggest alternative headline ideas to A/B test, it can provide helpful sub-copy to provide more information, and so much more.

If you’re planning on making a VSL, ChatGPT can help you write the script.

One of our favorite use-cases for ChatGPT is the ability to produce multiple CTA options that you can A/B test.

But, as with any new technology, there are limitations to ChatGPT, including…

  • It might provide inaccurate or factually incorrect information, but make it sound as if it were the truth
  • It may occasionally provide biased information
  • It currently has limited knowledge about anything after 2021
  • It guesses your intent instead of asking follow-up questions to always provide an answer
  • It can overuse certain phrases

Whether ChatGPT continues to be integrated into marketing efforts is yet to be seen, but it’s dramatic rise in the previous months is something to take note of. We will continue to monitor and test the platform, and provide updates on our blog throughout the process.

If you’re in need of done-for-you marketing services, schedule a free strategy session with us today!


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