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Wrap Technologies, innovators in law enforcement restraint solutions, introduced the BolaWrap—a patented hand-held device designed to safely and effectively restrain individuals from a distance. Facing the challenge of adequately promoting this novel technology and reaching influential decision-makers within law enforcement, Wrap Technologies sought the expertise of Strikepoint.

The Problem

Promoting a Groundbreaking Restraint Solution

Wrap Technologies developed the BolaWrap, an innovative restraint device, but needed to enhance its online presence and reach decision-makers in law enforcement to drive adoption.

The Approach

Strategic Digital Engagement

  • Digital Presence and Lead Generation
  • Created a new, mobile-responsive website to reflect the brand’s innovation.
  • Launched targeted Google Search and Facebook campaigns aimed at law enforcement decision-makers.

The designers at Strikepoint Media are pure magic! Couldn’t be happier!

Judah Meiteles | Director of Marketing
The Results

Achieving Digital and Market Breakthrough

Strikepoint’s strategy significantly boosted Wrap Technologies’ online visibility, showcasing the BolaWrap’s capabilities and directly engaging influential law enforcement professionals, facilitating increased interest and consideration for departmental use.

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