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Founded by USC Professor Albert Napoli and entrepreneur David Lee, Titan Education sought to elevate its branding to match the elite level of mentorship and community it offered younger entrepreneurs.

The Problem

Communicating Elite Mentorship

Titan Education, led by a USC professor and a renowned entrepreneur, aimed to showcase its high-caliber mentorship programs, Titan Inner Circle and Titan Academy. Despite their valuable offerings, their digital presence failed to effectively communicate the elite level of coaching and community available. This misalignment hindered their ability to attract the targeted demographic of ambitious, younger entrepreneurs seeking growth and guidance.

The Approach

Crafting a Cohesive Digital Identity

  • Developed a strong brand identity: logo design, visual identity, and photography that reflect Titan’s elite stature.
  • New website design: Focused on user experience to better communicate offerings.
  • Enhanced brand messaging: Created compelling copy that speaks directly to the target audience’s aspirations and needs.
The Results

Enhanced Brand Perception and Engagement

Strikepoint’s expertise resulted in a beautifully redesigned website and branding that accurately communicates Titan’s value proposition. This transformation helped Titan Education to effectively reach and engage their target audience, positioning them as a leading provider of entrepreneurial mentorship.

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