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SkyFi is the leading provider of Earth observation data. They have partnered with numerous satellite companies to provide on demand satellite data to anyone from their Web or Mobile App.

Learn more about Strikepoint’s Partnership with SkyFi to see how we helped them develop their target audience, an email marketing strategy, and scale their paid media efforts on Facebook & Twitter.

The Problem

Crafting Clarity: SkyFi’s Journey to Target Audience Discovery

  • No known buyer personas/target audience
  • No existing Ad Creative
  • No targeting strategies

SkyFi had an immediate problem upon launch: they did not know who their target audience was or what messaging resonates with them. 

SkyFi needed an agency that had experience with developing a target audience through experimenting with messaging, ad creative, and different targeting strategies.

The Approach
  • Develop true ideal customers and buyer personas.
  • Extensive targeting testing & research on Facebook.
  • Testing of multiple variants of ad creative and messaging.
  • Develop a Marketing Funnel to build an email list for SkyFi to remarket to.

At SkyFi, we’ve been working with Strikepoint for over four months and have been extremely impressed with their work. We were designated a “pod” which is essentially a team dedicated to all of our needs. It’s helpful to be able to contact individuals in the pod to get answers separately without having to go to our account manager for every question and answer. Additionally, they have a data driven process where every decision is based off of metrics within the funnel. As a starter, we are pivoting quickly and all the time and the Strikepoint team has been quick to make revisions and adjust our strategy as our business objectives adjust. We highly recommend working with this team.

Tom Babb | Community Success Manager
The Results

Over the course of a 4 months we tested a variety of creative angles and finally found one that hit. 

We immediately implemented a process for the client to produce necessary content for this creative concept and launched more iterations that further drove down the CPC, CPL and CPA.

Increase in
Email List Subscribers

Decrease in
Cost Per Acquisition

Increase in
Average Order Value

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