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Revolutionizing Education Marketing: How OTA's Enrollment Skyrocketed by 810%


Increase in
Intro Class Registrants


Decrease in
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Increase in
Media Campaign Reach

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Online Trading Academy (OTA) is a leading online education platform providing comprehensive trading and investment courses. Established in 1997, they specialize in offering tailored learning paths for various levels of financial education.

The Problem

Optimizing Lead Acquisition

OTA was struggling to effectively utilize paid media channels, resulting in high lead costs and limited campaign scalability. Their diverse consumer base, ranging from beginners to advanced learners, necessitated a nuanced marketing approach that OTA was struggling to replicate on paid media channels.

OTA had a simple goal for us: acquire more customers (students) through paid media channels at lower costs.

The Approach

Unlocking Growth Potential

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of OTA’s business model, brand messaging, and existing media channels, Strikepoint helped OTA create scalable growth and cost efficiency by doing the following:

  • Expanding and Diversify Courses: We introduced digital products to complement OTA’s existing in-person courses, allowing them to reach a broader audience than before.
  • Revitalized Current Paid Media Strategy utilizing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube: We revamped OTA’s current ad creative to focus on retirement-focused messaging using beginner-friendly language, delivered through a mix of static and video ads. We also produced this ad creative in house, ensuring high quality production to communicate credibility.
  • Diversified OTA’s marketing mix by introducing Direct Audience Booking: Using Strikepoint’s extensive audience network, we introduced a new high ROI channel.
  • Refined and Implemented Key Lead Generation Components: We developed a new welcome email series, abandoned cart series, SMS texting engagement, along with Landing and Thank You Pages to nurture leads and communicate OTA’s unique selling points all the way through the funnel.

I wanted to let you know how amazing SPM has been to work with so far. I have worked with many agencies and no one has ever jumped in as quickly as SPM and understood our business and progressed so fast to driving meaningful results.

Lisa Kolibar | Vice President of Marketing
The Results

Transforming Online Trading Academy’s Growth Trajectory

By expanding OTA’s educational offerings, strategically using paid media and innovative ad creative, and amplifying their funnel experience, Strikepoint helped OTA acquire more paying clientele at a reduced cost.

  • Registrant Increase: 810% rise in Intro-Class registrants from January to July 2023.
  • Cost Reduction: 88% decrease in the cost per registrant, 14% reduction in customer acquisition costs.
  • Campaign Scalability: 43% expansion in media campaign reach.
  • Digital Event Success: OTA’s digital events significantly attracted new student segments, doubling Intro Class Registrants.

The strategic partnership between Online Trading Academy and Strikepoint Media not only revolutionized OTA’s marketing approach but also set a new benchmark in student acquisition and cost efficiency, demonstrating the power of innovative digital strategies in transforming educational platforms.

Increase in
Intro-Class Registrants

Decrease in
Cost Per Registrant

Decrease in
Customer Acquisition Costs

Increase in
Campaign Reach

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