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Charles Payne is a well-known and respected financial expert and has been featured on Fox Business, C-SPAN, Fox News, and many more media outlets.

Invest Like Charles is a premium financial education product that teaches traders, new and experienced, to invest successfully using Charles Payne’s personal strategies.

The Problem

Adapting to a New Digital Landscape

While The Charles Payne Team had found success through traditional marketing channels like TV, the ILC team was looking to scale digitally and adapt their offer to a new digital landscape in order to scale their business.

Their initial offer, advertised only on TV, promoted a free-plus-shipping book giveaway. Book recipients were invited to attend a live training hosted by Charles Payne’s Unstoppable Prosperity team. The challenge for our team was to replicate the success of this funnel on new, digital sources, but to can we reduce the costs of acquiring prospective customers and convert them to paying customers faster? 

The Approach

Maximize Lead Engagement, Minimize Costs

We tested eliminating the book offer all together and ran all traffic directly to the webinar in order to eliminate the extra cost of production and shipping of the physical book. To replicate the effectiveness of the book at priming leads to become customers, we wrote and implemented a compelling email nurture series to get leads to buy into Charles’s brand and attend the webinar. 

In order to find users that would be interested in purchasing this high ticket offer, we knew we’d need to be very specific in our channel selection, our targeting criteria, and our messaging throughout of the funnel. We decided this campaign was a perfect fit for Youtube, Facebook, LiveIntent, and Dedicated email. Using the unique targeting capabilities of these channels, we selected a combination of targeting fans of Fox News and investors, traders, financial publication subscribers to provide us with users primed to convert. Our deep understand of this market segment helped us create fresh messaging for the ad creative and funnel that spoke to specific painpoints felt by the target audience and how exactly Invest Like Charles solves those problems.

Our company has tested at least 5 other media agencies over the last decade. Strikepoint is candidly in a league of their own. We consistently see results of 200% ROAS or more…..within 30-45 days. The responsiveness of every member of their team – including ownership – is almost always same day. We have referred several business in our network to them and will continue to do so!

Steve Thorne | CEO
The Results

Converting Strangers to Lifelong Customers

By modifying the funnel, adding targeted email traffic (Direct Audience Bookings) and paid social channels to ITC’s marketing mix, and refining the targeting and messaging to attract ITC’s ideal customer, Strikepoint helped our client achieve a 430% increase in gross sales, 113% increase in leads generated, 209% increase in ROAS, and 26.5% increase in AOV.

Putting the right audiences in front of the right products allowed us to convert strangers into happy lifelong customers.

Increase in
Gross Sales

Increase in
Leads Generated

Increase in

Increase in
Return on Ad Spend

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