Redefining Resistance Training

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Burn180 aimed to transform fitness with a portable resistance band system offering adjustable weights, handles, and a versatile suction cup for up to 190lbs of force.

The Problem

Standing Out in a Saturated Fitness Market

Burn180 approached Strikepoint, facing the daunting task of launching a new resistance band system in a crowded and competitive fitness equipment market. Consumers found existing systems confusing and often believed they needed a personal trainer to benefit fully. BURN180 needed a unique brand identity and strategy to differentiate itself and convey its innovative, user-friendly design.

The Approach

Crafting a Distinctive Brand and Investor Communication 

  • Executed extensive market research to identify unique selling points, emphasizing the system’s quick setup and expert endorsements.
  • Created a compelling brand name and visual aesthetic that reflected BURN180’s innovation and ease of use.
  • Designed functional and visually appealing packaging to immediately communicate the product’s benefits.
  • Developed an intuitive website and produced an engaging product video, showcasing BURN180’s unique features and advantages.
The Results

Achieving Market Breakthrough

Strikepoint’s strategic branding and marketing efforts positioned BURN180 as a standout product in the fitness industry, successfully conveying its ease of use, quick setup, and effectiveness. This comprehensive approach not only distinguished BURN180 from competitors but also sparked interest and excitement for this revolutionary resistance band system.

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