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AXIL Hearing offers unparalleled hearing protection, enhancement, and premium audio devices, including earbuds, muffs, and more, with superior comfort and sound quality.

Learn how Strikepoint helped revolutionize AXIL’s eCommerce Strategy by introducing new platforms to market their products on.

The Problem

Unlocking a New Market

AXIL Hearing came to Strikepoint with one goal in mind: unlock a new market to sell their products. While they saw success on platforms like Facebook, their efforts fell short on YouTube. 

Their challenge was not a lack of interest from potential customers, but rather their struggle to create engaging video ads that resonated with their potential customers. 

This partnership aimed to unlock a new market for AXIL and sustain their growth in the competitive e-Commerce landscape.

The Approach

Revolutionizing AXIL’s eCommerce Strategy

By teaming up with Strikepoint, known for custom-tailored video ads and deep understanding of platform-specific audiences, Axil aimed to refine their messaging and sell to their YouTube audience, bolstering their presence in the competitive e-commerce space.

In looking at historical data and what previously worked with Axil targeting new customers on Facebook, there was a unique opportunity in the market to target new interests on YouTube.

The Results

Through extensive ad creative testing, including multiple variants/angles/messaging, Strikepoint produced 16 custom Ad Creative videos tailored specifically to YouTube audiences, including unique UGC (user-generated content) ads and highly-produced product ads that highlighted their product’s key features. 

Decrease in
Cost Per Acquisition

Increase in
Return on Ad Spend

Revenue Generated

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