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Autonomix aimed to revolutionize neurological diagnostics and treatment but struggled with clear messaging.

The Problem

A Compelling Narrative for Complex Technology

Autonomix, a US-based start-up aimed at revolutionizing neurological disease treatment, faced challenges in simplifying their technology’s narrative for investors and the market. Despite significant expertise, their breakthroughs’ complexity was missing clear, compelling communication, crucial for their upcoming NASDAQ listing and fundraising efforts.

The Approach

Crafting a Distinctive Brand and Investor Communication

  • Clarify the Message: We started by distilling Autonomix’s complex technology into a clear, compelling story that anyone could understand.
  • Create Connection: Developed distinct branding and visual identity that spoke directly to the heart of their audience, making the technology relatable.
  • Communicate Clearly: Produced an engaging website and investor materials, including a narrative-driven video and a pitch deck that told the story, not just the facts.
  • Capture Attention: Launched a targeted media campaign to ensure this newly polished story found its way to the right ears and eyes.
The Results

A Successful IPO and NASDAQ Listing

Thanks to this approach, Autonomix didn’t just talk about revolutionizing patient care; they showed the world they were doing it. The result? A successful launch onto the NASDAQ, raising $11.2 million in the process. But more than that, Autonomix proved that even the most intricate technologies could find their story, and with it, their audience.

Gross Proceeds from
Initial Public Offering

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