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Decrease in
Cost Per Lead


Increase in
Sales Directly From Webinar


Average Conversion Rate on Landing Page

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Agent Auto Pilot sells a software and service that automates the entire process an Insurance Agent, who sells ACA, will take to get and close leads. This is essentially in the name of the company… their software puts the agents’ job on “autopilot”.

The specific webinar we ran for Agent Autopilot is called the ACA Webinar and it is for the software that focuses on the lead, nurture and selling process for ACA. ACA stands for the “Affordable Care Act”.

The Problem

The client came to Strikepoint because they were seeing very poor stats from a webinar funnel that was once very profitable for them. Their goal was to spend around $25k/month and get over 100% ROAS on each weekly event. In that past this was achievable, but recently they were lucky if they could 90% ROAS from warm sources.

The Approach

Before we started any work with Agent Autopilot we met to understand clear benchmarks for the funnel and all of the reasons why their ideal customer would want their offering over another competitors. After that meeting Strikepoint created a Campaign Plan that outlined their Buyer Persona with all of their Pain Points and how the Agent Autopilot software will fill the gap. We also creative Funnel Math so we can shoot for clear KPIs at each stage of the funnel.

With all of our groundwork done we got to work on reworking the entire funnel. This included a brand new ad account, creative, landing page, nurture email series, cart page, sms copy and a cart closing email sequence.

The Results

Our Creative and Landing page updates allowed us to decrease CPL from $35 to $21 (50% decrease in CPL). Our best creative saw a $12 CPL. The average conversion rate on our landing page was 30%, while the clients old landing page converted at 22%.

Our Email Nurture and SMS Series averaged around the same Attendance Rate the client was seeing before, however the client was getting around a 35% AR with warm traffic and we saw the same AR with cold traffic.

Our new cart page saw a 100% increase in sales directly from the webinar. The old cart average 2-3 orders directly after the event, but our cart page saw 6 orders directly after the event.

Before the client was also unable to granularly track performance of each Campaign, Ad Set and Ad that spent money into each event. We implemented granular tracking to be able to track the performance of each Campaign, Ad Set and Ads Spend, CPL, AR, BR and ROAS for each event. This allowed us to scale up things that were working that the pixel may not have been able to pick up on.

Lastly we created a way for us to track each step of the funnel for each week’s webinar so we can call out what’s working well and what’s not working well, compared to our Funnel Math that we outlined in the first intro call with the client.

Decrease in
Cost Per Lead

Increase in
Sales Directly From Webinar

Average Conversion Rate
on Landing Page

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