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Advantage Gold is a precious metals broker specializing in helping investors acquire Gold, Silver, and Platinum inside an IRA or 401 (k).

The Problem

Advantage Gold was looking to generate new leads to offer precious metal investors the ability to acquire Gold, Silver, and Platinum inside of their IRAs or 401(k)s. AG had exhausted their efforts on Facebook, Google, and social advertising and were looking to grow through email marketing.

The Approach

One of Strikepoint’s unique features is our Direct Audience Bookings network. AKA, Strikepoint has access to exclusive email lists that aren’t available to just anyone. These email lists contain millions of people with ties to the investing and trading industry. With this in mind, Strikepoint crafted a comprehensive email marketing strategy to target investors with a Free Book offer in exchange for their information.

Strikepoint has been instrumental in helping develop our brand and marketing strategy from day one. The team is always engaged and available for anything that we may need. They work tirelessly to optimize our campaigns in order to enhance all aspects of our marketing strategy. An absolute all-star cast of marketing professionals! My entire team loves working with SPM and we look forward to continuing the relationship and scaling! Thank you Strikepoint!

Kirill Zagalsky | Chief Executive Officer
The Results

Strikepoint proposed, created, and executed the following funnel:

The unique offering of a free “Special Bonus Gift” (Jim Rickards’ book The New Case for Gold) helped convert more email recipients into leads.

In the example above, this email didn’t share any groundbreaking news. Instead, it was simply a way to announce that Advantage Gold had a special gift to anyone on the email list who had an IRA, 401(k), or Retirement Account. Since most, if not all recipients fall into that category, they immediately felt a connection to the offer.

Total Impressions

Total Clicks

Leads Generated

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