UTMs – or Urchin Tracking Modules – are parameters added to URLs that help marketers and businesses track their customers and leads online. They are an extremely valuable resource to track clicks and understand how your ads are performing across multiple digital channels. Some of the biggest benefits of UTMs are:

  1. Tracking & ROI
    1. You can track where your ad traffic is coming in from, how they interact with your site, and which ads are driving the most conversions.
  2. Channel Attribution
    1. This helps you determine if you are spending the right amount on the right channels.
  3. Determine the Quality of Traffic
    1. You can find out their session duration, bounce rates, click to visit ratio, and so much more that help determine if your traffic is high-quality.

How do they work?

Here’s an example of what UTMs look like:


Once you add these parameters to your ad link, you can use a third-party data platform such as Google Analytics to analyze the traffic it is receiving. If you saw this link in your GA account, you’d be able to tell that the source of the traffic was TikTok, the medium was paid social, and the campaign was titled “TikTok Ads”.

Now, this information doesn’t mean anything to you since this is not your campaign.

But you can take this formula and input it into your current campaigns to track your traffic and ad performance in a better way.

Some of the most common factors marketers track are:

  1. Which channel was the traffic coming from? (Was it organic? Paid? Social Media? Email?)
  2. What app did they come from? (TikTok, FB, Google)
  3. What campaign did they come from?
  4. What piece of creative did they click on?
  5. What ad format was it in? (Square? 4×5? Video)

And many more…

How do I add UTMs in TikTok?

You’re going to want to add your UTMs within the ads platform in TikTok.

Here is where you want to add your UTM’s within the ads manager platform:

It’s that easy! If you need any assistance with UTMs – feel free to contact us and one of our marketing experts can help you out.

Dynamic UTMs

Now, there’s always the question “Is it possible to use dynamic UTMs to track TikTok Ad Performance?”

The answer is YES!

TikTok has a shortlist of supported macros that allow you to dynamically pass campaign/placement values in your URL. Here’s a list of the macros with their specific parameters to use.

  4. _AID_ = AD GROUP ID

And there you have it!

Now that you understand exactly what UTMs are and how you can add them to your TikTok ads, check out this list of 5 things you need to know before running ads on TikTok.

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