Strikepoint Media’s Ad Network: Is It Right For You?

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Over the last 7+ years, Strikepoint Media has been curating a unique and Premium Ad Network that’s compiled of over 100 publishers in the financial space and over 25 million subscribers that we have immediate access to.  With such a large number of contacts and potential prospects, there’s undoubtedly an opportunity for you to advertise your product or service to these users through our Ad Network.

The main question is, is it right for you? 

We’ll break down that question for both Advertisers and Publishers down below.

*Are you a publisher? Skip to the bottom.

Let’s start by breaking a few things down.

What is an Ad Network?

An Ad Network can be described as a technology platform that serves as a broker between a group of publishers and a group of advertisers.  In this case, Strikepoint Media is the platform, you are the advertiser, and we have 100+ publishers to work with.

In our case, our 25 million subscribers are spread across hundreds of lists that are made up of predominantly traders and investors.

How does Strikepoint’s Ad Network Work?

First off, we need to establish what makes a campaign successful when it comes to your business and the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) you want to achieve. Gaining this knowledge up front gives our team the context and information needed to kick off your campaign with the correct strategy.

We operate our Ad Network on a performance basis (CPC, CPL or CPA), depending on which makes more sense for your specific business. Once the terms are agreed upon, we’ll coordinate to make sure we have the right technical and creative assets required to run your campaign.

Once we have the creative and technical assets in place, our team uses our proprietary audience data that has been gathered over the years to create different segments of customers who we feel would best align with the target audience of your product or service. By doing this, we get your offer in front of more of the right prospect for your business.

We then “book” the sends that our team decides, and then once it’s running we start the process of optimization.  Not every campaign is a home-run immediately. Most of the time, in order to effectively scale, we need to see the data we receive from your initial sends. What we do with that data is what makes your campaigns so successful. 

Optimization is an ongoing process of receiving feedback from you the advertiser as well as coupling that with the front-end data we see from the email sends. We continue to look at each piece of the campaign to find which strings we can pull to generate more return from your investment with our ad network.

We work with our advertisers on a month-to-month basis, meaning you allow a certain budget to be spent throughout the month and we allocate that budget where we see fit. This budget can change from month-to-month, depending on the results of the campaign.

Our goal is to earn more of your business over time which happens when we scale smartly based on the data from our initial tests and with each subsequent campaign we send.

3 Reasons Why Should You Advertise On Our Network

#1: Only Pay for Performance 

The #1 reason our advertisers choose to run on our network is because you only pay for performance. That means no risky investments on your end, and you can reap the benefits of additional revenue for your business.

#2: Hyper Targeted Audiences 

Strikepoint Media’s Ad Network consists of 25 Million + unique subscribers. We’ve been able to segment these users based on their demographics (age, gender, location) as well as their specific interests like their hobbies, their financial interests such as investing, trading, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and more all so you have the opportunity to hyper-target individuals who are willing to buy your product or service.

#3: Get Your Offer In Front of Proven Buyers 

There’s a reason our advertisers keep coming back to run more and more offers on our network, and that’s because they’ve found a network that converts. Our subscriber base consists of individuals who are extremely willing to buy if the product or offer is right. These aren’t random leads, these are email addresses of people who have bought products in the past, or expressed intent to purchase. 

Ready to Advertise with us?

If you have a financial offer and want to test our traffic or have more questions about our ad network then click here to schedule a free 1-on-1 Strategy Session Today.




You’ve spent a lot of time and money building up your audience to be what it is today. Strikepoint Media’s Ad Network can help you generate additional revenue by strategically promoting complementary products or services to your audience while also improving overall engagement metrics.

We invest heavily into the relationships we make with our publishers.  We want to make you happy by monetizing your list for you while also meeting the wants and needs of our advertisers. We work with you to really set forth the benchmarks we need to meet and the KPI’s we need to hit in order for you to consider it a success. 

How does Strikepoint’s Ad Network Make Me More Revenue?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Only a small percentage of your leads will turn into sales. That’s just the way digital marketing works. People express interest but aren’t prepared to buy, maybe the price was not what they expected, or they gave you their information but didn’t purchase for thousands of other reasons.  Bottom line, your lead did not convert into a front-end sale for your business.

That doesn’t mean you can’t turn that non-converted lead into revenue…

In fact, by sending your audience complementary 3rd party offers at the right time you are able to…

  • Generate more revenue
  • Without degrading your audience
  • While increasing overall customer engagement

How Does Strikepoint Do That?

By breaking down your audience into various different touch points, we’re able to send complementary 3rd party offers to your list through:

  • Dedicated Email Sends
    • This means a full dedicated email blast to 1 single advertiser
Dedicated email send
<em>example of a dedicated email send through the property trade stocks<em>
  • Email Newsletter Sponsorships
    • This is a promotion integrated into an existing newsletter.
    • In-Newsletter CPC sponsorships are a a simple way to monetize an existing newsletter list without opt-out risk and without the cost of sending additional emails
Email newsletter sponsorship
<em>example of an email newsletter sponsorship by vantage point<em>
  • Co-Reg 
    • With Co-Reg advertising, you’re able to recoup your ad spend back within 60 seconds of capturing the lead.
    • This gives you the highest payout on your proven traffic.
    • You also gain access to the best performing offers in the industry.
<em>example of co reg advertisers stockwirenews Com brownstone research and investor place media through the property trade stocks<em>
  • SMS
    • This is a promotion where you can send text-based ads through text messaging typically paid out on a CPL or CPA basis
Example of sms
<em>example of how we utilize sms marketing<em>
  • And plenty of other options…

For you, the publisher, you have full control over what you send and when you send it. 

Our process goes like this: 

  1. We present specific offers, including payouts and current performance, to you for approval.
  2. Once approved, we send the final creative and tracking links and you schedule the send on your list and send it off!
  3. You can track performance and revenue through our proprietary Publisher Dashboard.
  4. We help optimize earnings monthly around earnings/CPM.
  5. We help grow your audience and revenue over time with a continual focus on increasing earnings/CPM.

Does Strikepoint Media’s Ad Network Seem Right For You?

Are you ready to monetize your audience in a smarter and value driven way? Then sign up to become our next amazing publisher and start monetizing your audience today! Click here to get started. 


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