Short-Form Video Content: A Cost-Effective Solution to Boost Your Business’s Online Presence

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So, you open an app and promise yourself you’ll spend a maximum of 30 minutes on it, but before you know it, hours have passed! This is not uncommon, as evidenced by more than a billion people getting lost in 10-15 second videos every single day. And that’s on TikTok alone! with 1.534 billion users. TikTok, arguably the largest short-form video platform, has only been around since 2016 and has become much more popular from 2018 to 2020.

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in the consumption of short-form videos, especially with the explosion of TikTok. It could be due to decreasing attention spans or the boredom and need to think of something else during the peak of the pandemic, but it’s been two years now, and the platforms are as strong as ever. Other platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, are trying to capture part of the market share with Shorts and Reels, respectively. Snapchat even released a similar feature called “Spotlight.”

We probably don’t have to tell you. Still, we’ll do it anyway: this explosion of short-form content, reaching billions of users and gaining their attention, provides a golden opportunity for marketers! 

But what, exactly, are the benefits of short-form videos in marketing? 

1. Boosts Engagement

As mentioned above, short-form content has become exponentially more popular over the past few years. This means that a lot of people (1,000,000,000!!!) actively look for shorter videos on the internet which can do wonders for any content creator’s engagement rates.  Charli D’Amelio, one of the biggest TikTok content creators, also has a YouTube channel but significantly lower numbers. She’s more popular for her short-form videos, but she also posts longer videos on her YT channel. While her YT subscribers count is nothing to scoff at, at 9.43 million subscribers, that’s a far cry from her count on TikTok, at 141.1 million followers. Her most viewed YouTube video had 38 million views, which is a lot. But still, it is not up to par with her most viewed short video of 2021, with 111.7 million views. 

2. Encourages Consistent Content Creation

Of course, creating short-form videos has its fair share of difficulties. But surely, there’s something that can be said for making 10-15 second videos over making 10-minute or longer ones. Short-form videos also have the unique advantage of versatility. Videos posted on TikTok can easily be cross-posted to other platforms. Not to mention the ability to clip from longer videos you’ve already posted on other platforms and repurpose them into short-form videos. Most platform algorithms work well with consistency, so the relative ease of producing short-form videos can provide a very big advantage in playing the algorithm game. 

3. Develops a More Intimate View of the Creator/Brand

One undeniable advantage of using social media for brands is creating a more “personal” relationship with consumers. Short-form videos give the brands opportunities to show a more authentic side and humanize their brand. Specific types of short-form videos, such as behind-the-scenes and others, can also help in this.

4. Increases Brand Awareness

Similar to engagement, this benefit is mostly because of the massive reach social media platforms enable brands to have. TikTok’s algorithm, for example, helps people who are already interested in your general industry to see your videos. Targeting in paid ads can also be very helpful in doubling down on this benefit. 

Still need convincing that short-form is the way to go?? Here are some quick facts to get you thinking:

  • Despite being relatively “younger” than other platforms, TikTok has already amassed more than 1 billion users. 
  • 86% of businesses use short-form videos as a marketing tool, with 92% claiming they are integral parts of their strategy.
  • Short-form video has the highest ROI, at 30%, among all other social media marketing strategies.
  • 30% of consumers watch short videos 81% of the way through. 
  • The average TikTok user spends 53 minutes on TikTok per session. 
  • 72% of people prefer watching videos to learn about a new product or service.
  • Instagram and TikTok, both of which offer short-form videos, have the two highest engagement rates, at 39% and 29%, respectively.
  • People share videos twice more than other types of content, with 84% getting convinced to buy a product or service because of a video. 

If you don’t know where to start, here are some types of short-form videos you can start producing:

Event highlights

Show some of the best moments of your past events through a montage. Annual events, launches, and other company events would be a good way to showcase company culture. Show them how fun your events can be and who knows? They might be encouraged to participate in your next one. 

Product demos

Demos don’t have to be long! As already demonstrated by so many short-form videos on the internet. This is very popular for UGC content. In this video, for example, they demonstrate how to use a gua sha, complete with virtual lines on the face to show where to use it and in what direction.

If you were a consumer and new to a product, you would prefer a 20-second video over a long text. 

Launch/Campaign teasers

Hype up your launches! Even the lengths of these videos can be a tease. Considering you have the option to post even a 3-second video, I’m sure you can post a fleeting look at new products, a peek at the launch preparation, and many more! Creating hype around a product before it is even launched is a surefire way to get people to want to try the product. And, hey, pre-orders are a thing! 

Behind the scenes

Offer a closer and more personal view of your brand through behind-the-scenes footage. It doesn’t have to be too detailed; it is a short video, after all. Show some fun things that go on behind the scenes or even a more serious video on what it takes to do what you do as a brand. 

Social Proof

Show new people how effective your products are! But not from your brand’s own metaphorical mouth. Camp out your physical stores and see if you can convince a customer to be recorded. Ask them what they like about your brand and why your products work! You can also quote reviews from your website or other e-commerce sites. 

+1: Find and Feature UGCs!

UGC has become very popular and is a very effective way to convince other people to try out your products! UGC, or user-generated content, is content generated by platform users without prompting by the brand. This makes for a more authentic recommendation which could take the skepticism over paid ads. You can find UGC already available on every platform, ask for permission, and feature them on your own page. This could also double as an encouragement for others to make content about your brand in the hopes of getting featured. 

TikTok vs IG Reels vs YouTube Shorts

The next big question is, which platform is better? Should I post in one or all of them?

You probably wouldn’t like this answer too much, but… it depends. As with most things in marketing strategies, no one platform fits all. It would depend on your brand’s unique needs and, perhaps more importantly, the audience you’re trying to reach. Each platform also has its unique pros and cons, which really boils down to which suits your needs best. If you need more information about these different platforms, check out some of our other related posts:

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If you do need help, no worries! We can help you strategize, choose the platform best for you, and even make the ads for you! Just schedule a free strategy session with one of our team members!


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