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Lead Generation is one of the absolutely best ways you can grow your company. In fact, we’ve used Lead Generation to grow a company from 0 to over $100 Million in sales in just 2 years and 4 months. Let’s dive into some of the most effective strategies that Strikepoint Media lives by that help with Lead Generation in a variety of ways.

Here are our 10 ideas on ways you can grow your email list, build up your subscriber base, and grow your business with these easy to implement lead generation strategies.

#1: Give Away Your SECRET Recipe

A great way to grow your email list is by giving away the most attractive thing that your customer base wants. Whether that’s a free guide, an ebook, a newsletter, a list of your top strategies, this is an easy way to “trade” a piece of information that you have, in exchange for an email address from a potential customer.

#2: Stuff People Want to Steal From You Anyway

Are your competitors constantly ripping you off? Take that as a compliment.

That means whatever you’re doing, is working in some way.

If your competitors are ripping you off on something that costs money, take that opportunity away from them. You take that same offer, and make it FREE. This way, the potential customers are flocking to your business as it’s free as opposed to your competitors.

This adds value, which is something different than your competitors, and works as a way to build trust with your potential customers.

They’ll remember that you gave it to them for free, and you have a better chance of landing their business as a result of that.

#3: How To Do Something Awesome

Another way of saying this is “Give Away a Free Lesson”

Let’s say you’re an amazing salesperson who has the best pitch ever on how to acquire a particular customer that you sell courses on.

Give away a complimentary lesson, but not just any lesson. Give away the most important lesson from that series, and give it away as a lead magnet. You’ll be surprised at how good of quality the leads are that comes from this. These are people who are actually interested in purchasing your course, but want to test it out first.

#4: The Trust Funnel

This is a funnel dedicated to taking a lead and turning them into lifelong raving fans of your brand – and it’s extremely powerful.

Here’s how it works:

You take a concept and break it down into a four part video series.

The first three explain the big promise or idea that you tell people you know how to solve. You break that problem down into 3 video parts and give them away for free.

The fourth video in the series is the most important. This video actually sells the product or service that you’re offering. This allows someone to learn about how to solve the problem with your approach.

When done right, it’s an effective and easy way of turning someone from a stranger into a trusting fan of your business.

#5: The Velvet Rope

Taking a product or service that you’re currently charging a low-dollar amount for (anything under $100) – this is exclusive content that you’ve been selling for at least a year.

Instead of selling it now, you’re going to offer this for free. For the first time ever, you’re going to say “Hey we’re giving away this product or service for free”. This is something that your audience has SEEN you charge for in the past, and now they’re seeing that the cost has been slashed and it’s now free.

Watch how many leads flow in from that…

#6: The Test Drive

Instead of giving away your content for free, you can also try a no-credit card required trial to let them access 3 of your lessons for free. Let them test-drive your product.

Another word for this business model is… Freemium.

A lot of big businesses have built their entire business using this model.

When a customer sees how much value you bring, in this case during their free trial, that increases your chances of landing a paid customer in the long run.

#7: Faster, Better, Stronger

Do you have techniques that can make someone’s life easier?

Do you have techniques that can speed up a process?

If the answer is yes, you now have the ability to give that idea or technique away for free as a lead magnet.

Is there something that your business can do that can help solve a problem in your industry? That’s your lead magnet right there.

This will save your potential customers time and headaches, which helps them turn into customers in the long run.

#8: The Best Business Card Ever

This one works like a charm.

How about you give away a free, hardback book?

Yup, you read that right.

You’re going to ship it directly to their doorstep no questions asked in return for an email or phone number from this person.

You’re building trust and credibility this way.

This book will live on their coffee table, on their nightstand, in their backpack, in their briefcase, etc…

They will be taking a piece of your brand everywhere they go.

If you’ve done a great job at articulating your points in this book, you could land a customer for life.

Even though you’re “giving up” a little bit of revenue by sending them a free book right away, the revenue that will come in as a result of that will blow that lost revenue out of the water.

#9: The Massive Value Train

If you have a blog, you’re probably updating it on a semi-regular basis, whether that be weekly or monthly. Bottom line, you’re giving out free content on a regular basis that’s free.

What if you took all of that content, grouped it together, and created an e-book or guide or special report. This is a great way to generate a lot of interest in the product or service that you have, without requiring a ton of time or energy.

We’ve done this time and time again, and seen immense success from it.

The Lead Quality that you’ll generate from this idea is typically amazing, as these are people who are extremely interested in what you are offering, they just want a “freebie” guide or report at first.

#10: And Then… Building Blocks for MASSIVE Success

This is an ongoing email series that’s always free and extremely specific to a certain topic or niche.

An example: You can say “I’m going to teach you how to monetize your email list in more ways than you’ve ever thought imaginable. In my 10 part email series, I’m going to share with you every single tip, trick, and tool I’ve used over the years to generate amazing results.”

You don’t give this away all at once. You want them to go through the steps with you at a very deliberate pace. You’ll have new content to share each week, which will:

  • Increase your engagement rate
  • Increase the amount of trust that you build with your clients
  • Set up the sale
  • Increase your overall conversion rate.

That’s it! Those are 10 Lead Gen Strategies that ANYONE can use to grow their business.


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